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Welcome to SocialCohesion.Stat

What is SocialCohesion.Stat?

SocialCohesion.Stat is a warehouse of statistics regarding social cohesion produced by the National Social Security Institute (Inps), the Italian National Institute of Statistics (Istat) and the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy. It collects more than 700 indicators on crucial aspects of Italian society such as population dynamic, labour market, human capital, poverty, social security and income support, active labour market policies.

Through this work, sponsored by the National Statistical System (Sistan), a wealth of information on the socio-economic conditions and vulnerabilities of people and families is provided to citizens, researchers, policy makers and stakeholders as a source of knowledge and a tool to better design policy interventions aimed at improving the quality of life of citizens.

What can be found in SocialCohesion.Stat?

Statistics are organized into three sections: socio-economic context, with information on population, economy and labour market; households and social cohesion, containing indicators on human capital, reconciliation of work and care, health; poverty and social inclusion; policies for social cohesion where data on public social expenditure, active labour market policies, social security and income support and welfare services may be found.

SocialCohesion.Stat's contents are regularly upgraded as Inps, Istat and the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy release the data.

How often is the system upgraded?

The system is based on the OECD data warehouse technology (OECD.Stat), a software and statistical services platform also used by Istat (I.Stat).

Access to SocialCohesion.Stat is open and free of charge. Data are presented in aggregate form in multidimensional tables; acting on variables, reference periods and the arrangement of heads and sides users can build custom tables and graphs. The system can be searched by keyword, theme and region. A wide range of standard metadata helps users to find and understand numbers.


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